The Cast of Living Historians

Time Travel Tour to Your Ancestors Tour with Living Historians

Time Travel Tours feature professional and amateur living historians who help you best transport yourself to the period(s) you chose - your living historian hosts will remain in character and ready to answer your questions throughout your tour.

Not only do we travel in time, but we bring the past to life - all time travel tours feature living historians from your time travel.

Definition of "Living History"

"Living history" referrers to a method of visiting the past with Time Travel Tours Living Historians dressed in the clothing and engaging in the activities of the time with you.

Who are "Living Historians?"

Time Travel Tours Living Historians attempt to convey information about your time travel while living as the individuals portrayed for the duration of your tour. Feel free to come dressed in period clothing so that your engagement in period activities with our Living Historians, can help you "experience" your past.

How does living history work?

Living history requires interaction between Time Travel Tours and the time traveler. This means that the Living Historian must draw the time traveler into his or her world. While some time travelers may approach the Living Historian with a question, it is the Living Historian's responsibility to initiate contact. It can be as simple as asking a question such as "Have you ever seen an enslavement shackle before?" The key to success is making the time traveler feel comfortable enough to want to time travel and participate in their history by asking questions and making comments.

Time Travel Tours is a hands-on-tour. We encourage time travelers to experience and immerse themselves in events visited.

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Living Historian

Torrie is our lead Living Historian, she has an extensive acting history in numerous plays she has acted in directed or produced. Her interest in American history stems from tracing her families 250 years living it.

Time Travel Tours Living Historian

Lex is our supporting Living Historian, he has acted in numerous community theater productions. His interest in American history has led to his co-founding the African American Historical Alliance of South Carolina, volunteering at the African American Civil War Monument and Museum, being a memorial member of the Sons & Daughters of the United States Colored Troops and being an active living historian with the 23rd United States Colored Troops.

Become a Time Travel Tours Living Historian

You can join our Living Historians, contact us today to apply!

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