Liberation to White House Tour

Liberation Communities

Those who established the abolitionist movement and the underground railroad led the nation to embrace Americans of African Descent in the White House. In this tour you will meet them where it all began. Your 8 hour bus tour will take you from DC aboard the "Pearl" pursuing Liberation with 70 others from enslavement in DC. Crossing the Chesapeake Bay you will visit 3 events and sites associated with the Liberation of Frederick Douglass on the Eastern Shore. Next you will time travel to 5 events and sites associated with the Liberation of Harriet Tubman reaching to freedom in Delaware. The tour will conclude with a visit to the Memorial which honors both Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and 209,145 other freedom fighters at the United States Colored Troops Memorial in DC. Full liberation tour details are available by clicking "Liberation".

Fight The Power Tour

Fight The Power

From the moment you board the luxury tour bus at 8am with a get your day started breakfast at the George Floyd Memorial on Richmond's Robert E. Lee Statue, you will be transported through time to some of the most consequential battles against injustice in Virginia's history. On June 7th, 1610 join Chief Powhatan Wahunseneca on his defeat of all the British in Virginia driving them into the sea. On September 19th, 1676 join African and European Descent men capture and burn to the ground the Virginia colonial capital led by Nathaniel Bacon. On November 15, 1775 join Liberated Freedom Seekers collaborating with the British to launch the largest rebellion in Virginia's history (30,000), by killing 7 of Virginia's Minutemen and capturing Minutemen Colonel Joseph Hutchings, with two of those who had earlier escaped his forced confinement. On August 30, 1800 join General Gabriel and his great plan to burn half of Richmond to distract the city's defenses as you raid the armory and capture the Virginia Governor to force a new balance of power in Virginia like General Baron did in Suriname in 1772. On May 24, 1864 join Liberated Freedom Seekers to unite with European Descent Soldiers to form the United States Colored troops and build Fort Pocahontas on the James River, to defeat, though outnumbered 2 to 1, the best Cavalry unit in the Confederate Army led by Robert E. Lee's nephew's son Fitzhugh Lee who is intending to re-enslave you all. Finally, on May 29, 2020 join thousands of Richmonders who sought justice for George Floyd's murder and overturned 130 years of paraded enslaver violence replacing it with hope for continuing Virginia's 410 year history of Fighting The Power of injustice.

Full Fight The Power Tour details are available by clicking "Fight".

First Americans Tour

First Americans

The First Americans having lived on the Eastern Shore for 450 generations showed great hospitality to visitors in the 1600s as they do today in their home Nations which are 15,000 years old. On this tour, make friends with the peoples of the Indigenous Nations near Washington DC. Your 8 hour bus tour will take you down the East Coast's "First Highway," the 100,000 rivers, creeks and streams which make up the Chesapeake (Algonquian translation: Great Water) to visit with 7 Indigenous Nations of the Tsenacommacah Confederacy south of Washington DC. These First Americans are closely associated with the River basin central to their Nations, and we will meet the Annacostian Indigenous Nation by the Annacostian (the Trading river); the Taux Indigenous Nation by the Occoquan (the End of Water) and the Quantico (the Long Stream); the Potomac Indigenous Nation by the Potomac (Swan River) and Acokeek (Edge of Hill Creek); the Rappahannock Indigenous Nation by the Rappahannock (Quick Rising River); the Pamunkey Indigenous Nation by the Pamunkey ( Sacred Temple River); the Mattaponi Indigenous Nation by the Mattaponi (River of High Banks), and finally the Paspahegh Indigenous Nation by the Powhattan (honoring the Chief of the Tsenacommacah Confederacy from 1550-1618 and translates as One Who Dreams River). Full First Americans tour details are available by clicking "Indigenous".

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