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Time Travel Tours, makes sure that you can find the tour that will best capture the needs of your family, so that you can meet your ancestors or time travel to famous events - your living historian hosts will be sure to work with you to meet your needs.

The opportunities to spend time with your friends and family is precious, and Time Travel Tours will consult with you to ensure you make the most of these moments - with an unforgettable journey together with your ancestors.

We will help you develop a clear goal for your tour. When in your family's history is it most important for you to visit? Time Travel Tours wants people to feel that they’re getting something really special. We want you to share a sense of discovery of your distant relatives and recognise that there are many more layers to the family's history then what you actually walk it. Time Travel Tours wishes to help you tell your story to your family.

With Time Travel Tours, your family has a partner in building a commemoration whose benefits will pay off for centuries to come.

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Time Travel Tours Assists with the National Archives

Genealogy Consultation at great resources like the National Archives.

Event Planning Consultation, will help you select the best way to plan the events themselves ranging from full recreation of a battle or a ball to visiting the site with an ancestor or witness.

Begin a Maafa commemoration or another cultural institution with the aid of Time Travel Tours. Time Travel Tours will consult with you on the best way to commemorate The Maafa, the state-sponsored systematic enslavement and annihilation of Africans by European, Middle Eastern and American nations and their collaborators starting in 1444. Africans were the primary victims -- one hundred million were murdered or enslaved; Natives of the Americas were also targeted for destruction or decimation for racial, ethnic, or national reasons.

"We should not forget that the freedom you and I enjoy to-day… is largely due to the brave stand taken by the black sons, of Haiti ninety years ago… striking for their freedom, they struck for the freedom of every black man in the world." (1893 Speech of Frederick Douglas, USA Minister to Haiti)

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Time Travel Tours will work with you to plan Time Travel for your family.

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